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Service Dog Training

Obtaining a service dog can be very difficult.  When my own child had a brain injury I searched and searched for a service dog to no avail. That's when I discovered that it is actually possible to train your own dog to become your service dog.  For many people the bond that already exists between them and their dog is unmatched.  I know first hand how incredibly rewarding it is to work with your own dog but it also has many challenges.  When we meet I will provide you with an assessment that will help us determine if your dog has the right temperament, health, train-ability and social skills and if you have the handling skills and ability to work with your dog daily.   

In order to qualify to have a service dog in Ontario you need:
  1. A disability, as identified by a qualified health professional.  This can be a physical or mental health disability such as anxiety.

  2. A note from a qualified health professional stating that you need a service dog.

We start with a private consultation to assess your needs and your dog's suitability.  Following that we begin training one-on-one

  • Understanding your rights and public access

  • Preparing your dog for the public access test
  • Building obedience, manners and focus in public
  • Developing your dog's confidence in different environments
  • Task training for your specific needs
  • Training you and your dog to be a team


Below are links to the Ontario Service Dog Laws:

Service Dog
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