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Tom and Zen

"For the past 11 weeks Melanie Chin has provided one-on-one training for our new Doberman puppy. Every aspect of this experience has been exceptional, including the process, communication and outcome.

Melanie possesses a rare ability to take theory and apply it to unique situations. Not only do we have a beautifully trained dog, but we have a path forward to maintain what we have accomplished and to reach new well-communicated training goals. Melanie is eager to share training resources, articles and ideas. Her commitment and love of animals is beyond reproach. Healthy, sound, reliable dogs is her mantra and it has been an extraordinary experience working with her. 


So impressed with Melanie’s abilities to shape a healthy, high-functioning relationship between dog and owner, I introduced Melanie to my 80 and 86 year-old parents who’s 10 week old Doberman is now being trained by Melanie to be a service dog. Similarly, the progress achieved in two short weeks of one-on-one training is exceptional. My parents have been as much transformed by the process as has their dog.

In short, bridging the gap between dog and owner, building mutual trust and respect is Melanie’s gift – it’s her purpose and her calling. Without reservation, I would recommend Melanie."

Tom Deans Ph.D.


Sharmila and Patrick

"Melanie is realizing her true talent and finally turning it into a full-time business and I cannot think of anyone more qualified and suitable to work with our furry companions. 


I have had training with other companies and they make it all about the dog not taking into consideration the family dynamic or environment in which the dog will live.  This is where Melanie sets herself apart. She connects with the entire household and environment.  Her approach is always focused on the positive and she can really work with all dog and human personality types.  Her breadth of knowledge is unmatched.  She is truly a dog whisperer.  She's vibrant and so committed to everything she undertakes and I'm so grateful for her coming into my life and helping my family find and learn how to care for our fur-ever friend."

Sharmila Baljit 

Libby and Scout

"Mel was a life saver when we brought our husky puppy home. Her one on one sessions in our home gave us the confidence to ensure a respectful relationship and a safe environment for all.


Our husky came with some food and dog aggression issues and Mel was able to assist in nipping all aggression in the bud with positive reinforcement and safe introductions to multiple dogs including her own :)


From dog pack walks, to living room training, her tips have made our now 6-month old puppy an angel to have in our lives. Couldn’t thank her enough. Mel will always be Scouts favourite human!"

Libby Gray

Libby and Scout.jpg

Della and Willow

"We could tell right away Melanie had magic powers ! She could recognize exactly what our dog needed to build her confidence and she shared so much knowledge with us so we could understand what our dog was communicating. Over months she gave us many tools to use to keep building trust and we could easily see the progress our dog was making. It took a lot of anxiety off of us too ! Not only is Melanie my dogs favorite human and she loves her visits , but now she is comfortable with other people, Melanie gave her this gift. Our dog can now do things we feared she'd NEVER do because she was so reactive and ultra fearful of everything. Now she can put on her harness, take car rides, shop at the pet store, pass people on walks, let us have visitors at home, trust us in new situations. Maybe that sounds small but when you live with a dog that feels easily overwhelmed and terrified it's HUGE !! The best thing is now every new thing she tries she relaxes and it's easier the next time. We could not recommend Melanie more !"

Della Fillier

Colin and Bolt

"Melanie, can't thank you enough for taking the time to teach us how to deal with Bolt and make spending time with him so enjoyable. 


The change in him since we met has been amazing and we look forward to continuing the work you have helped us achieve this far. 


We have learned so much from you and your insight and knowledge."


Robin, Peter and Bob

"We are an older couple who inherited a beautiful but troubled dog named Bob. Very quickly, it became apparent that no one ever took the time to invest in Bob's behavior, and that we may have bitten off more than we can chew. 


Not knowing if the dog experiment would work, and on the advice of our daughter-in-law, we were fortunate to meet Melanie.  Melanie is a professional dog trainer who clearly enjoys what she does and is good at it. In just a few weeks, Bob settled down.  He has completely transformed from out-of-control anxiety into a managed state of discipline, all through Melanie's commitment to positive reinforcement and unconditional love, through her training. 


It is very safe to say that without Melanie, Bob's life may have been a merry-go-round of different homes and shelters.  We are personally thrilled to have met her and are very grateful of our new life with Bob.  Anyone who is having issues, I would encourage them to not give up and to consider Melanie to do the same."


Robin and Peter Bobechko

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