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Behavior Consultation

Behavior challenges can feel scary and overwhelming, whether it's growling over the food bowl, lunging at other dogs on walks or destroying the house when you're can seem like an insurmountable problem. This is where I come in.  My goal is to help families overcome these difficulties before they give up.  Having worked in a shelter I've met so many dogs who's previous owners just couldn't take it anymore.  Working together, we can turn those situations into wonderful success stories. 

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Private consultations and training are one-on-one with you and family members. We review the challenges you're facing and build a strategy to help you.

  • Resource Guarding

  • Reactivity to other dogs, strangers

  • Fearfulness

  • Over-Excitement

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Leash Manners and more....


A commonly held misbelief is focusing on behavior as something that the dog has rather than something it does, given certain conditions. By identifying and changing the conditions in which problem behaviors occur, the problem behaviors can be replaced with appropriate behaviors.  When I conduct a private assessment I come to your home, and all the family members are involved.  Together, we review the challenges you're facing and using the science of Applied Behavior Analysis we create a strategy to address the underlying function that is driving the behavior and come up with replacement behaviors that can be reinforced.  This will help your dog succeed in becoming confident and happy while building a stronger than ever bond between you. 

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Melanie Chin

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